The Independent Music Foundation is a 501c3 non-profit organization. Your donation is tax deductible.

Whether you are a successful musician looking to give something back to aspiring artists or someone who wants to help boost the arts, we welcome your donation and, in fact, survive on it alone in these early stages.

checks also can be mailed to: Independent Music Foundation, 1373 Page Street Apt. C, San Francisco, CA 94117


The Independent Music Foundation is currently seeking to reduce production and recording costs for independent musicians.

From a cultural perspective, there is perhaps no better time for such an effort. Investment in music from traditional sources has dried up. Major labels have little interest in unproven acts not seemingly guaranteed to sell in large numbers and independent labels, once the backbone of the industry responsible for breaking new acts, have been struggling with cash flow since the onset of the digital marketplace if not going extinct altogether.

While the digital world may allow artists to profit in the long run - from future streaming royalties that theoretically could bring in more money than a single CD sale - there is a void when it comes to upfront investment. With costs for professional recording studios and personnel ranging from $650 to $2000 per day, one can see the obvious obstacles for musicians going it on their own. Major label recording budgets, for instance, start at $120,000 per album. The average musician starting out is already burdened by costs of their own gear and rehearsal space and perhaps the largest expense - time - before seeing any income at all.

The Independent Music Foundation is dedicated to providing not only in assisting in the cost of recording studio space but providing production help as well to ensure that the money and effort are maximized.  

Imagine if the opportunity could be created for musicians to record for free or at a sharp discount one week per month:

* It would invigorate the local music scene.

* It would improve musicianship. After a recording project, a musician should always leave the studio a better player than when entered.

* It would give musicians an added sales and marketing tool to draw interest from listeners and booking agents.

* It would improve the sound quality and marketability of music recordings coming out of the indie scene.

It would also open to door for more creative projects. We would like to do a compilation album of street musicians. We would like to gather some of the best local jazz players in a studio for three days and see what happens. We would like to put together a house band to back singer/songwriters. But first, we need donations to book studio time and get the ball rolling.

Independent Music Foundation * email: info@indiemusicfoundation.org